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Access to the MSM FSRA Mission Control Database is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Notice of Copyright

MSM FSRA Mission Control and all associated documentation authorised by MSM including Policies, Resources, Templates and Worksheets are copyrighted works (“works”) of MSM Compliance Services Pty Ltd ABN 11 106 940 443 (MSM, We, Us, Our).

Neither the entire works nor any material parts or components may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, modified, stored in any electronic retrieval system or otherwise dealt with in any way prohibited by the Copyright Act without Our prior written consent.

Usage Agreement

By using the documents contained within MSM FSRA Mission Control, you agree to be bound by the following usage terms:

You and your agents and associates are granted a non-exclusive right to:
1. Use the works for the purposes of supporting your AFS License requirements and obligations.
2. Make copies of the works for the purposes in item (1) above and for backup purposes only.
Subject the these rights you must not copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary, modify, rent, sublicense, de-compile, or reverse engineer the works for any other purpose apart from items (1) and (2) above.

This Usage Agreement may be terminated by us if you are in breach of the obligations imposed under the agreement. On termination you must return all works to Us or certify their destruction.

By clicking on the following links, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms & conditions above.

Download Disclaimer

VIRUSES: Whilst MSM Compliance Services P/L (MSM) has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the files in this download are free of Viruses, Trojans, Worms etc. we strongly recommend that you ensure that your anti virus software is used to scan the download prior to use. MSM recommends saving the file and scanning before opening the attachment.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In no event will MSM be liable to you for any damages, claims or costs whatsoever or any consequential, indirect, incidental damages, or any lost profits or lost savings, even if an MSM representative has been advised of the possibility of such loss, damages, claims or costs or for any claim by any third party, the foregoing limitations and exclusions apply to the extent permitted by applicable law in your jurisdiction.


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