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Frequently Asked Questions

MSM Helpline

Can MSM assist with sub limit testing?

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Yes the MSM Technical Helpline is the place to start to discuss your requirements.

We will advise whether a formal review is required or a simpler approach is appropriate.

I am a Steadfast Broker. The MSM Steadfast helpline sounds good. If my query is complex do you charge hourly rates or does it depend?

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Please refer to the Steadfast policy regarding this service. The Steadfast help line provides 30 minutes of advice. Beyond that the client/broker should appoint us as it is complex. That is what claims preparation fees are for.

If we use the MSM helpline, what response timeframes can we expect?

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Normally we will contact you the same day or at least 24 hours. Some complex matter may require longer for an answer but we would keep you informed of progress.

What is an estimated ‘ballpark’ cost for MSM to prepare and undertake a Business Interruption review? Maybe, could you provide a range and recommended review timeframe. (E.g. Done every 3 years)

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Steadfast requires a BI review to be undertaken every 3 years in order to waive the coinsurance clause. The cost of BI review depends on the size and complexity of the business. For an SME the cost is around $2,500 to $5,000 plus GST (for businesses up to say $230m turnover). This could rise to say $5,000 for a larger business but iIt depends upon the business, the location and the complexity.


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MSM comprises a multi-disciplined professional team including qualified accountants with over 25 years experience.

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An MSM team member can provide assistance in any one of the MSM areas of expertise.

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