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Our Team

Kate started her career in 1990 with KPMG Chartered Accountants, in the audit division in Brisbane, also gaining experience in offices in Hong Kong and New York.


  • Bachelor of Commerce from University of Queensland
  • Master of Business Administration from the University of Queensland
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

Professional Experience

In 1997 Kate moved to London to take on a role as Manager in the Forensic Accounting Business Unit of KPMG. She was responsible for the investigation and analysis of evidence relating to disputes in litigation, preparation of expert witness reports, liaison with counsel, lawyers and clients and support for these parties during court trials. Kate was involved in investigations concerning private individuals, private and public companies in the UK, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. These ranged from relatively small concentrated projects to participation on complex global investigations.

After nearly 3 years Kate moved back to Brisbane and undertook a Masters of Business Administration after which she became a Senior Forensic Accountant with the Criminal Justice Commission (now the Crime and Misconduct Commission) of Queensland.

In 2002 she spent 6 months on contract with GAB Robins assisting with the adjustment of large insurance claims arising from widespread flood damage in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Joining MSM Loss Management later in 2002 as a Business Interruption Consultant, Kate has worked on litigation support matters and on business interruption and material damage claims in manufacturing, tourism and retail services, and mining industries.