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Urispas should be used with caution in patients with suspected glaucoma.especially closed angle cases and in patients with serious.uncontrolled.obstructive disorders of the lower urinary tract.

Flavoxate will not treat a bladder infection. Infections must be treated with an antibiotic.

Flavoxate is used to treat bladder symptoms such as frequent or urgent urination.increased night-time urination.bladder pain.and incontinence (urine leakage). These bladder symptoms are often caused urispas duration of treatment overactive bladder.prostate enlargement.bladder infections.or irritation of the urethra.

Nausea.vomiting.dry urispas duration of treatment.headache.drowsiness.dizziness.blurred urispas duration of treatment.and nervousness may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen.tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

In anaesthesic premedication.atropine.and hyoscine * block the vagus and reduce mucosal secretions. hyoscine also has useful sedative effects. Glycopyrronium * is frequently used during anaesthetic recovery to block the muscarinic effects of neostigmine given to reverse a non-depolarising neuromuscular blockade.

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patients suffering from spasms in the urinary bladder due to disorders like cystitis, urethritis, urethrotrigonitis, and prostatitis are often asked to buy urispas by their doctors. Tags: , , , , , ,

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