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Purchase septilin benefits “Kidicare” contains vit C. Saket (my son) never fall sick like that. but he suffers only from cough & running nose. if I asked our Dr . he says “U all mummies have single child syndrome so don’t give any medicine & don’t care so much. “

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Himalaya Sepilin tablets enhance natural immunity and acts as an immunity booster which maintains general well-being. It purchase septilin benefits also used for.

One thing I give my kid when he gets cough(touchwood he has not got one for last 2 months) is Honitus .5 ml purchase septilin benefits to 4 times a day till the cough clears. The last time he developed a cough.I just gave him Honitus and in 2 to 3 days he became completely ok.

Septilin is an Ayurvedic preparation Bonnispaz shipping which contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory principles.

Septilin is a combined preparation mainly comprised of extracts of plants. Thus.balsamodendron mukul contains an essential oil and gum and characterized by a bitter taste. In oral administration septilin stimulates appetite.improves digestion processes and provides a carminative action and mild laxative effects. The preparation increases secretion.acting as an expectorant.amplifies sweating and increases diuresis. The medication provides an antioxidant effect.increases the number of leukocytes in the blood plasma and stimulates phagocytosis. The medication regulates menstrual cycle in women. Magarasnadi quat contains essential oils and flavonoids. has analgesic.antipyretic and anti-inflammatory action. Marena sertselista contains anthraquinone glycosides.providing astringent effect. Tinospora contains glycosides of a A and B type.

How often does your son falls sick and if he falls sick how long does he take to recover(not with antibiotics).

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